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I have a health hack today I want to share with you.  Its easy, simple and best of all FREE!!


See if this sounds familiar………….the alarm goes off on your phone, you reach to turn it off and start scrolling thorugh your phone. After a few minutes, you get up and start on the rest of your morning routine.  What if we changed that habit up a bit?


What if instead of going straight for our phones, we instead turn the alarm off, got up and went outside for 10 minutes  and stood in the morning light (face the direction of the sun or where it would is Michigan after all lol).  No phones, no distractions, just you, fresh air and your coffee, tea or water.  Those 10 minutes can have a major impact on our health.  Here are just some of the amazing benefits morning light can have on our bodies.


Improved Mood:  Morning light boosts serotonin levels, boosting mood and alievating symptoms of depression.


Better Sleep: Morning light helps to regulate our circadian levels improving our sleep patterns and quality.


Reduce Cortisol:  Cortisol is our stress home and morning light exposure helps to reduce cortisol levels over time.


Boosts Vitamin D Production: Vitamin D is important for bone health, muscle movement, nerve connections to the brain, and immune system function.


So swap your morning scrolling and swiping for 10 minutes of sunshine (or morning light if the sun isn’t out) and literally soak in all the goodness!




Dr. Sally Blossom Colosky

Dr. Sally Blossom Colosky

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